Construction and Urban Development


INTECSA-INARSA’s construction and urban development department works on projects in the field of urban development, architecture and Integrated Project Management. The department is organised on an interdisciplinary basis, covering all ambits of activity in construction, from architectural issues to economic and financial issues and urban development, engineering issues in technical fields, from geotechnics to structural design; mechanical, electrical and security installations, etc. and of course the organisation, management and control of projects. We can also provide the technical support and management that each new building requires in order to meet all objectives in relation to quality, costs, and completion periods.

Major clients:



  • Public companies
  • Public administrations
  • CSIC (Spain)
  • INSS (Spain)
  • Zone Franche Île Mandji (Gabon)
  • CyLOG (Spain)
  • PLAZA (Spain)
  • National and International Construction Companies
  • Property developers




Detailed design, control and supervision of projects:

  • Residential and office buildings
  • Hotels and residences
  • Research and educational centres
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Smart buildings
  • Airport terminals, railway stations and port terminals
  • Rehabilitation
  • Energy optimization

Detailed design, control and supervision of projects:

  • Construction design of architecture and engineering for different types of buildings
  • Consultancy, research work
  • easibility studies, technical and financial audits, design, land acquisition, Regulations, regulatory services, negotiation of planning permission
  • Control and supervision of construction work
  • Project and construction management



Urban Development

  • Projects: Over 530.000 m² of buildings of different kinds.
  • Supervision: Over 200 projects supervised.
  • Technical assistance: for over 300.000 m² of buildings of different kinds.
  • Planning: Over 4,400 hectares of residential and industrial buildings.
  • Projects: Over 4,400 hectares of residential and industrial buildings.
  • Supervision: Over 2,000 hectares of urban development works supervised



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