Water and Environment

With a long tradition in hydraulic engineering and hydrological planning works, the Water and Environment Division is made up of specialist professionals throughout the different phases of a project, from planning to design and execution, encompassing the entire integrated water cycle within the framework of sustainability and the environment: management and control of water; hydrological planning; aquifer studies and river engineering; water storage; design, management and safety of dams; pools and deposits; transport, distribution and use of water; supply, sanitation and irrigation systems; capture; pipelines; canals; drainage and pumping stations; water quality; treatment, purification and desalination plants.

We face the constant challenge of optimising water resources and applications based on criteria of sustainability of use and protection of the water environment, allowing for needs to be met, overcoming conflict between the water environment and economic activity.

Major clients:



  • European Commission
  • Public and para-public administrations
  • River basin authorities
  • Water treatment authorities
  • Water supply companies
  • Construction companies
  • Companies with water concessions
  • Companies in the energy sector
  • Ariab Mining Company Ltd.


Imagen8Montoro III Dam, Ciudad Real, ESPAÑA

Water engineering:

  • Studies: 200 standards and emergency plans.
  • Projects: 1,000 km of water pipeline and distribution systems.
  • Works supervision: over 10 large dams.

Water resources planning:

  • Studies: definition of e-flows (ecological flows) for over 1,000 projects.
  • Plans and projects: river basin management plans covering over 110,000 km2.
  • Technical assistance: preparation of over 20,000 files on aquaculture holdings.


  • Studies: over 250,000 hectares.
  • Master plans, master projects and concession projects: over 122,000 hectares.
  • Detailed engineering design: over 36,000 hectares.
  • Works supervision: 15,000 hectares.


  • Survey, works controls capacity projects.
  • Underground water control networks.
  • Regional hydrogeological studies and hydrogeological modelling.
  • Aquifer planning and underground exploitations.
  • Databases and GIS.
  • Protective perimeters and environmental impact assessments.



C/ Julián Camarillo 42

28037 | Madrid | Spain

P +34 915 673 800

F +34 915 673 805


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